Blue Quill - Creative Writing (Levels 1-3)




Stories do not begin on the pages of a book, they start in the minds of the author.

In writing compelling stories, one must truly explore all the faculties of the mind; so that we are fully aware of how we receive and process information from the world. Simply put, it is through our senses, keen observation, presence in the moment, awareness of thoughts, emotions and social interactions; that gives us a visceral and colourful experience of life.

The best stories are the ones that take us on a palpable somatic journey through the pages of a book. For this, the author need not have the vocabulary, spelling and grammatical precision of a linguistic ninja; No, she simply needs an open mind, a keen sense of curiosity and attention to the precious details of life.

Story telling is a simple, yet powerful tool in the creative development of a young mind. Broken into several levels, these series experiential learning workshops use various activities and tools to expand a child’s vast reservoir of inspiration by exploring the senses, studying the body, gestures, dialogue, character and plot development.

As you would have noticed this is a three FULL day camp, starting at 10:00am and ending at 6:00pm each day. We will provide lunch and refreshments during break.

Who Should Attend

11 to 14 year olds author's in the making
(with English proficiency)

  • Exploring all corners of the mind through creative writing.
  • Being comfortable to creatively explore any situation and circumstance for an inspirational story.
  • Knowing that creativity and logic are not on opposing poles, but are a very powerful combination when both are synthesised harmoniously.
  • Learning to communicate and articulate ideas.


  • Improve storytelling, increase depth in plot and character.
  • Build confidence through sense of accomplishment with a project - putting finished stories into a book format.
  • Improve communication skills and expression.

Course Content

Level 1: Extraordinary Inspirations from the Ordinary. Breaking the process down. Exploring various senses and writing expressions.

  • Outcome: A keener sense of creative exploration

Level 2: Mechanics of Story Writing and Some Helpful Creative Hacks. Exploring depth through a real life Hero.

  • Outcome: Completion of Short Story (featuring a real life hero)

Level 3: Putting the story into a book format, in dedication to the Hero.

  • Outcome: A Story Book (a Great Personalised Gift!)

End Product – A personalised Storybook!

It Doesn't End There!

All participants will receive a Handbook with a

21 Day Writing Challenge - should they choose to accept the mission that is.

No, the book will not self-distruct if they don't take up the challenge

(Safety won over Coolness this time)

Space limited to 30 pax only

As you will find out below, we are passionate about creative and innovative learning methods. Our courses and workshops are ALL experiential in nature. Meaning you learn and immediately apply and test it out! So it is no surprise that we found a kindred spirit in Me.Reka Makerspace https://mereka.my/about-us/ and are using their creative space that is dedicated to innovative learning designs.


We Offer An Innovative Solution To Creativity

Our Initiative

We are a spirited, innovative and entrepreneurial inception – creating change one ripple at a time. It all stems from the name SoulArist, pronounced “solaris”. SoulArist is the culmination of “Soul” – our very essence; and “Arist” - derived from the Greek word aristi, which means excellence. Nothing short of – Soul Excellence we say! We are in the business of creativity after all – where better to begin than with our name. The pronunciation “solaris”, is in itself a Latin word meaning “pertaining to the sun” – a brilliant and life-giving element. So, in short we are here to inspire SoulArist /solaris/ in everyone, every day, in every way.

Our Tagline Says It All

Our Motto, Our Vision and Our Mission – One Tagline Sums Them All. “Experiencing Enjoying Expressing”

Our Focus

Our key factors in sustaining this ecosystem is STORYTELLING and

BODY-MIND harmony – the nurturing “soil” that cultivates creative expression.

Storytelling – presents our messages in the most appealing and impactful way, whilst Yoga and Awareness synchronise the BODY and MIND to induce creative expression AT WILL. Yes, that’s right, no more waiting around for the fog, or writer’s block to clear – creativity is right here, right now.

Together these factors sustain the creative ecosystem for joyful creations – where unknown miracles await.

Visit and like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoulAristi/

Our website is being built and will be up soon @ www.soularist.com


K. Chitrah, Innovator, Principal Facilitator

A foundation in Psychology taught attention to detail, critical analysis, and a firm base in academic reasoning.

As a researcher and lecturer in the various topics of Psychology for more than a decade; human learning and behaviour has been a fascinating and wonderful playground in discovering innovative learning methods.

With a passion for writing and penchant for inner explorations came the culmination and founding of SoulArist Creations – a venture focused on enhancing and empowering self-expression and communication. With this came the launch of various creative writing programmes, yoga enrichment and leadership classes.

Some unique and relevant knowledge and skills that shaped an innovative approach to creativity:

  • Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor – Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors
  • Certified Hypnotherapist – National Guild of Hypnotists (USA)
  • Trained in Non-Violent Communication - Malaysia
  • Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique - Malaysia
  • M.A. Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience) – U. Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
  • B.Sc. Psychology – U. Utah, USA
  • B.Sc. Communication Disorders – U. Utah, USA

Beyond certificates and accomplishments lies a very important and expansive quadrant of life found only through self-discovery, creative expression and unceasing wonder of life. And so, began Phase II, a decade long journey into meditation and self-realisation; which offered an enriching EXPERIENCE in inner growth and strength. With this came greater appreciation and gratitude for all LIFE that is present in nature, art, dance, food, health, and our overall wellbeing – INSPIRATION in the ordinary, LIFE became my MUSE. As such, it has moulded me into a rather unconventional facilitator with an unusual perspective in creating holistic, organic and relevant training modules and workshops for better engagements and outcomes.

It has been a blessed life, having received tremendous lessons and gifts. It is a wonderful opportunity to share these gifts and life hacks with the world and watch as WE expand together; creating waves of change one ripple at a time.

Chitrah’s Ecosystem: A Modern Utopian Mystic (visit our webpage to find out what this means)

Innovating through external simplicity, whilst impacting inner shifts with passionate Creativity.


Here's a completed title from a previous workshop - it starts off as a battle of good over evil, but nothing prepares you for the twist that comes in the end, by a very talented young lady.

No they didn't faint! They wanted to become a part of the game.

Trust me no child was harmed in the making of the game.

What game you ask....well Activity 1 of Day 2 is always hush hush till the big reveal!

Got excited and went overboard in shopping for materials, and like any good social media connected individual - it had to go up!

Aaah....this one! Indeed it was the perfect murder! Yes, I know a big tease right. We are in the process of curating past work to be displayed on our website, please stay tuned for updates.

There are plans for a printed compilation in the future - but we are waiting for more great contributions like this from our future authors. *Hint hint*

Given an environment where they can lay down and sit as they please helps break the mind away from structure. This new space is a little different - but being the creative minds we are - I'm sure we will find a way.

Mar 23 - Mar 25, 2018
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM MYT
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